Muscle Building  Optimum 100% Whey
 BSN Syntha 6
 NitroTech Hardcore
 CytoSport Cyto Gainer
 Dymatize Elite Whey
 Reflex Colostrum
 Maximuscle Cyclone
 Prolab Pure Whey

Boost Strength  BSN Cellmass
 Dymatize Creatine
 MET-Rx Amped
 BSN NO-Xplod
 iSatori Morph
 MuscleTech NaNo

Fat Burners  Isatori MX LS7
 M'Tech Hydroxycut
 Nutrex Lipo 6
 BSN Thermonex
 Goliath Themoloid
 BSN Cheaters Relief
 EST Suppressor

Total Wellness  Optimum Opti-Men
 Universal Animal Pak
 MuscleTech Vitakic
 AST Multi Pro 32X
 NOW Ginko Biloba
 Olympian Labs Omega

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