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Dymatize Elite Whey Review

Dymatize Elite Whey

So you're thinking of Dymatize Elite Whey Protein to supplement your training? It's no secret that as a brand, Dymatize have always produced excellent tasting protein supplements of a very high quality. The problem in the past has been that Dymatize seem to prefer to offer smaller tubs, normally less than a few lb in weight, which obviously means not a great deal of value if you're training hard and regularly. However, finally they've decided it was time to release Elite Whey in a larger 5lb tub. So now we've got the value covered, let's take a look at the protein supplement itself. I mean, does Dymatize Elite Whey actually work and how does it compare to the likes of Maximuscle and NitroTech who compete closely in the fitness and bodybuilding protein niche. 

Here's what I found out. Dymatize claim that Dymatize Elite Whey Protein is a perfectly balanced blend of whey protein concentrates, peptides and ion-exchange whey protein isolates with absolutely no added sugars, salt, or carbohydrates. Elite Whey has also been modified to contain a digestive enzyme blend which including Zytrix which apparantly is designed to increase and aid in absorbtion. It also claims this means it can be used by lactose intolerant users too. This all sounds great doesn't it? But does this protein supplement stand up to its competitors? With protein being the building blocks of muscle repair, it's crucial you pick the right supplement to suit you and your training regime.

Dymatize EliteAfter switching to Dymatize Elite Whey protein for a month long trial, my overall impression is that it's a good supplement that does what it says on the tub. Now there's a larger tub option, the value isn't an issue and Elite Whey has been priced to be available to just about all bodybuilding or fitness enthusiasts. One of the big benefits is that there's a broad range of flavors available, which is quite refreshing as I'm sure you're aware, some protein supplements taste like cardboard! The most popular flavor is Chocolate Mint, which really tastes good, just like a shake! Fruit isnt bad either but it can be quite hit and miss. For a supplement with such a high protein content which is around 76% I didn't notice a great deal of gain in size, but my recovery rate was fantastic when using Dymatize Elite Whey.

I'd probably recomment varying your program if you are going over to Dymatize Elite from another type of protein as I'm not sure if my results were because of stagnation in my regime, however as I said before, my recovery was through the roof and I really feel that is the major selling point of Elite Whey. Four star rating.

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