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BSN Thermonex Review!

BSN Thermonex Fat Burner
BSN is a global leader in fitness supplements aimed at the muscle building industry and now they've created a supplement which is a first in fat loss products, as it's totally ephedra free! BSN's Thermonex contains the new thermogenic breakthrough LipoThermix™ which works to increase weight loss by burning off fat from tough areas of the body to lose weight (such as buttocks and thighs) while it simulates metabolic rate and increases energy levels. This has the added advantages of reducing food cravings and hunger whilst still providing your body with the energy it needs to repair and rebuild after exercise.

Since Thermonex was released on to the general market, users have been reporting an increase in muscle firmness and definition, which is a result of Thermonex reducing the excess water you hold within your body, making you look significantly leaner thank ever before. Thermonex contains the new thermogenic breakthrough LipoThermix™ which works to increase weight loss by:

  • Burning off fat from tough areas of the body to lose weight (buttocks, thighs, stomach.)
  • Helps to simulate metabolic rate and increases energy levels.
  • Stops food cravings and reduces hunger whilst still providing you with energy to miximise your workout and achieve your potential.
  • Gets rid of excess water from below the skin which reduces bloating and therefore makes you look significantly leaner. It preserves ad enhances lean muscle tissue rather than destroying it. (Having lean muscle is crucial for fat burning.)

Thermonex is also the first product to contain the Pro-Thyroid Optimizing System which does not suppress thyroid function. Working in unison with your body's natural thyroid chemistry, it helps optimize thyroid output. This thyroid analogue technology allows your body to naturally use the fat burning potential of the thyroid to optimise the body's thermogenic processing.

There is no doubt that BSN Thermonex is effective; it increases weight loss at a rapid rate. However, for some, it has produced side effects which might be too much weighed up against its positives. As it increases your heart rate (due to large amounts of caffeine amongst other ingredients), this can causes feelings of nausea and dizziness (which in some equates to a feeling of nervousness/edginess. In addition to this, people have noticed an increase in body temperature and a need to visit the toilet more often. Despite these negatives, many people have experienced no negative side effects and found it to be a very easy product to work with in every day life.

If deciding to take BSN Thermonex, it's really important that you take it slow to begin with. This way you can see how it affects your body and get used to the product. Once in the flow of things, it is important to increase your fluid intake as it can cause dehydration which in turn would heighten the side effects.

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